About Us

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess...

How is it that some ladies seem to be able to “throw” together a last minute party…and do it fabulously?

You know who I am talking about – that lady sitting at the desk next to you at work who appears to work just as many hours as you do, but somehow always manages to throw a fabulous event on a moment’s notice. How is it that she has enough time to plan, execute, and enjoy a fabulous party when you barely have enough time to go home after work to change your outfit so you can attend? She can’t possibly have more hours in the day than the rest of us, so what is her secret?

What is The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess?

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess is a collection of essential secrets to help the busy, or perhaps impromptu, hostess throw a fabulous bash. Within five minutes of your lunch break, you can click your way to everything you need to throw a fabulous event. With stress free shopping lists, checklists, recipes, decorations, and time-saving tips, you can be that girl – you can host fabulous parties and still have time to enjoy them with your friends while they gawk at your entertaining talent. After all, they don’t need to know your secret…

How does The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess work?

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess is an online blog designed for busy, fun, and fabulous women who love to entertain, but realize that there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all. The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess provides quick, helpful, user-friendly and stress-free ideas, lists, and hints to ladies who have little time, but want to throw a spectacular and memorable event. Busy ladies can browse our blog for five minutes during their lunch break and get everything they need to plan a fabulous event. Each event includes printable shopping lists and easy to follow directions – yes, you can prepare a fabulous event in an hour or less!

What makes The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess different from other party blogs?

Some sites provide great ideas for parties, but only give you a portion of what you need. You may have to go to one site for recipes and another for cocktails or decorations. These sites are great, but to plan your whole event you have to spend hours reading several different sites and drawing ideas from each.

Other sites may give you complete event ideas or how-to’s that can take hours or days to execute. The busy professional lady just doesn’t have time to utilize these sites.  Few, if any, other blogs are devoted to sharing their entertaining secrets with you and giving you everything you need to plan a complete event in 10 minutes or less and tell you how to execute the event in less than an hour so you can actually enjoy it! The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess gives you all that you need in one convenient place.

Who is behind The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess?

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess is designed to help you create an unforgettable event, without having to “create” it yourself. The blog is the collaboration of two professional women with distinct, but complimentary talents. The first, an entrepreneur, wife, and mother, loves to create and entertain on a budget. She brings the creative and fun aspect to the blog through themes and the “wow” factor. The second, a practicing attorney and university professor, loves throwing events, but has no time to plan them. She brings the analytical and type “A” aspect to the blog through easy to follow shopping lists, directions, and timelines. Together, they create fabulous events for anyone to duplicate because…

Even the busiest lady is only a click away from a Fabulous party.