Rapid Decor

Fabulously Labor-free Labor Day Fun Decor!

A labor day party should not have labor intensive decor.  In fact, it should be the opposite!  For easy and fun decor, choose a cute table cloth, fun napkins, and a festive centerpiece.  Here are some Fabulously rapid ideas for your event:

Check out these cute table cloths:

You can see how to make this simple, yet Fabulous centerpiece on our "WOW Factor" page:

And remember - have plenty of cintronella candles for your outdoor event - they set the mood and keep the bugs away!


Because every Fabulous hostess knows how to set the mood for her event...and how to set it quickly so she can enjoy her own party!

Here’s a quick and easy way to add some Fabulous holiday cheer to any room (yes, even your restroom!).  All you need is glass vase, bowl, or container and some sparkly Christmas ornaments.  Yes, ladies, there is a use for those vases from the flowers we have stashed away in some closet.  Fill any container with a variety of Christmas ornament balls and voila!  Fabulous rapid décor that is festive and simple that will keep the spirit of the season going in every room of your house.

Quick List:
  • Any vase, bowel, or other container in your cupboard
  • Christmas ball ornaments

  • WOW Factor: fill martini glasses with smaller Christmas ball ornaments to set around the room at your Fabulous cocktail party.  Add a cinnamon stick for some Fabulous fun!