Hostess Secrets

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess’ Entertaining Essentials
How is it that some hostesses can pull together a party so fast?  The key is to always be prepared!  So pick a cabinet or closet in your abode to stash these entertaining essentials and the next time you feel like throwing a Fabulous bash you will be ready to go!
A.         Stylish Stems – What’s your signature drink?  Wine?  Martinis? Sex on the Beach?  Whatever you love serving the most, make sure you have the stylish glass to pour it into.
B.         Bar Essentials – Whatever your signature drink, make sure you have the appropriate tools to open, mix, or serve it up!  Stash a corkscrew or cocktail shaker in your arsenal.
C.        Fabulous Cocktail Napkins – Details are everything!  Colorful napkins are an inexpensive way to add fun and flare at little cost.
D.        Candles – Set the mood with lighting.  Tea lights and votive holders can add some ambiance and sweet smells.
E.         Recipes for Success – Why not spice things up?  Keep a couple recipes that are twist on your favorite drink – if you like martinis, try the cosmo or apple martini.  If wine is your preference, why not sangria?  This will keep your essential stash from getting old and tired with each Fabulous party your host.
F.         Bowls and serving trays - These cute and fun essentials are necessary to dish up some Fabulous eats in style.
G.        Cocktail plates – Rapid Eats need stylish serving.  Pick a set that show your style.

The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess’ Secret Weapons….
Every Fabulous Hostess has a secret arsenal in her stash….Now I’m not talking about those necessary cocktail glasses or a bottle of good wine (those essentials are part of our other article, “The Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess’ Entertaining Essentials”).  What I’m talking about is the easy to find, easy to use, arsenal of “tools” that bring your party together.
The only problem is that over time that arsenal disappears or gets lost.  You know what I’m talking about - roommates, husbands, or kids tend to use our “tools” and never put them back.  That’s why every Fabulous Hostess needs her own party “tool” bag so when you are decorating for your parties, all of your “tools” are together and easy to access.
So my Fabulous Hostess friends, get yourself a sassy tote and fill it with these essentials:

A.  Fabulous Tool Bag - to store your "tools" in one location.  Who has time to search for scissors when your friends are arriving in 10 minutes?!?  Choose a container that is easy for you to find and store.
B.  Cordless Glue Gun - Probably one of the most important tools that you don't know you need, until you need it.  Get a cordless one so you can go anywhere with it, and don’t forget glue sticks!
C.   Staple Gun - Always good to have for those hard to put up decorations.  And let's be honest, you feel much more empowered using it than a normal stappler.
D.   Tape - Clear packing tape, Scotch tape, and yes, duct tape (remember it fixes everything!).
E.   Scissors - Keep a couple of pair in your kit.  This ensures you find at least one pair there when you need them.
F.  Floral Tape - Not just for florists anymore ladies!  I know sounds funny, but this tape sticks to itself while holding things together.
G.  Box Knife - Great for close cutting.
H.  Hole Punch - Helps you create holes in items without ripping them (because yes, we all will jab a hole in something with a pencil without it).
I.   Screwdriver - So many purposes, so little time...and no, I'm not talking about the Screwdriver cocktail ladies.
J.   Pens - Throw in a regular pen and a black marker.  The black marker one allows you to cover up and fill in flubs.  The regular pen is good to have if you need to make notes or fill something out.