WOW Factor

Labor-free WOW Factor!

Do you remember this picture we posted?
I know what you are thinking - what a mess!  And who has time to clean (or use) that.  But remember, the “WOW” Factor is all about taking the unexpected and turning it into the part of the unexpectedly Fabulous hostess’ event that leaves your guests saying “wow!”

And believe it or not, this dirty bbq is perfect for a centerpiece that will “wow” your guests.  In fact, this little gem was actually found at a yard sale, but you may have a boyfriend, husband, or friend (who actually cooks) with one of these lurking in their garage.  (Remember to always keep your eyes open for normal everyday things that can be used fabulously at your next event!)

BTW, since it was a dirty bbq (and who has time to clean?) only the outside was actually washed.   The inside grill was wrapped with aluminum foil to hide the rest of the dirt.  And the great thing about this centerpiece?  It can double as a silverware holder or hold the ketchup!

You could use it on the edge of your table to have a place to display your silverware.  Just place cups inside the bbq and fill them with silverware and napkins.

Or place the bbq in the center of your table and display all the condiments for your bbq.

Or for those of you who may have beer drinkers or our champagne Cheers! cocktails at your party (or are just skipping the food and heading straight for the cocktails), fill the grill with ice and place your champagne or beer bottles in the grill to keep the beers cold and ready to drink.
Your guests will be wowed by your creativity, but it will only take you minutes to create this Fabulous centerpiece!

Bring that “WOW factor” to your dinner table.  This great project just takes a few minutes to complete.  Here is what you need…..

1 Floral Pick for each dinner place setting at your dinner table.
1 12x12 piece of color card stock to match your color choice.  Make sure the cardstock has color on both sides
1 Pencil
1 Black Pen

1.       Cut your cardstock into 1 inch X 6 inch strips. ( You will need one of these for each of your place settings.)

2.       Take your strips and wrap the end of the paper around the pencil 3 times.  Then take your other side of your paper and wrap it the opposite way 3 times.  Your paper will look like this after you are done winding.

3.       After you are done with the last step write the individual’s name on the flat part of the paper.

4.       Now take your paper and tuck it in the flower pick.  You can find a spot that will hold your name tag securely without glue.  If you need to it is ok to add glue to hold the paper.

You are done! Just add to your table setting.  One quick note - we left the floral stem on the floral pick.  This helps to hold the flowers up on the plate.  You may choose to remove it if you like.  Just use simple wire cutters to cut off.