Shopping List

Where Are All My Peeps At???

Several boxes of your favorite peeps
Favorite Easter Candy
Chocolate Bunny
Vanilla Vodka
Don't forget the Ice!

Cake Pop sticks
Easter Ribbon (For sending home peeps with your peeps)


Labor Day No Hassel Potluck

If you are like us and are supplying the main course of the party, here is the shopping list that we took shopping with us.  Now some of these items you may have, that's great! Mark them off your list now.  Also, since this is a stress free party we have broken the shopping down to two locations.

Warehouse store                                                            

Hamburger Patties
Hot Dogs
Mustard, Mayo, Ketchup
Drinks (whatever you would like to serve)

Party Store_________________________________

Table cloth
Citronella refills

The day of the party you might make a quick run to the store and purchase enough ice for the party.

Need a quick list to take to the store with you.  Well we have it right here!!

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Fabulous Event: Impromptu Holiday Party!