Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School...No! Back to Fabulous Events!

August is known as Back to School Month, but for us, it is Back to Planning Fabulous Events Month!  Did you know August is…
  • American Artist Appreciation Month
  • National Golf Month
  • National Inventors Month
And each day has a theme of its own for you to celebrate!  Join us in getting back to planning by taking on one of these fun themes:

Aug. 1: Picnic Day in Australia - You may not live down under (although a quick shout out here for our friends in Australia!), but why not put another shrimp on the barbi, grab those picnic baskets, and head out with the girls to enjoy the day at your local park?

Aug. 2: National Ice cream Sandwich Day - There is nothing better than an ice cream sundae party!

Aug. 3: National Watermelon Day - Watermelon makes summer time fun so invite your friends over for a BBQ.

Aug. 4: National Chocolate Chip Day - This is a great excuse for a chocolate fondue party!

Aug. 5: National Waffle Day - Surprise someone you love with breakfast in bed.

Aug. 6: Odie’s Birthday (Garfield’s Friend) - Have a party to celebrate your best friends!

Aug. 7: American Family Day - This is a good day to call your sister and go shopping - a great excuse to buy some cute new shoes!

Aug. 9: Betty Boops’s Birthday - A girl who knows how to party!  Think champagne, deserts, lounge music, and cute cocktail dresses!

Aug. 10: S’mores day -Backyard camp fire!

Aug. 11: Play in the Sand Day - Gather some friends, head to the beach, and have a sand castle building contest!

Aug. 13: Annie Oakley’s Birthday - For all you outdoor lovers, set up an old time shooting gallery and get out those water guns!

Aug. 14: National Creamsicle Day - Loving some of that orange and cream goodness.  What a way to cool down.

Aug. 15: National Relaxation Day - Can you say spa party??

Aug. 16: Roller Coaster Day - Gather up your friends and head out to your local amusement park - who says the party has to be at your home?  Just pack it up and have a tailgate lunch party (but not before you go on the roller coasters :) !)

Aug. 17: Davy Crockett’s Birthday - Celebrate the frontier in your local park - BBQ, roast marshmallows, and tell stories in the wilderness.

Aug. 18: Bad Poetry Day - Host a wine and cheese poetry reading and have all your friends write the worst love poem they can think of.

Aug. 19: Potato Day - Build your own baked potato bar - yummy!!!

Aug. 20: National Radio Day - Have everyone come dressed up as their favorite rock star and dance the night away!

Aug. 21: Senior Citizen Day - Gather up your friends and take your party to the local retirement home...share some happiness with others by bringing the "party" to them

Aug. 22: Be an Angel Day - While it might feel out of character for some of your friends  have everyone come wearing a halo that reflects their personality...some may be more crooked than others... ;)

Aug. 24: Strange Music Day - Create your own musical instruments and "perform" for each other - definately have a prize ready for the winner.

Aug. 25: Banana Split Day - Have everyone bring a topping and enjoy a banana split bar!

Aug. 26: National Dog Day - Host a doggie party for all of Fido’s friends

Aug. 27: Just Because Day - Host a dinner party for your friends...just because!

Aug. 29: Speedy Gonzales Birthday - Mexican Fiesta anyone?

Aug. 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day - If you missed s’mores day earlier this month here is a good chance to make up for it!  Host a marshmallow roast bar - have different types of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers so your guests can mix and match.

Aug. 31: National Trail Mix Day - Schedule a hiking day with friends...and don't forget the trail mix!

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