Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cheers to a Fabulous September!

As summer comes to a close, there are still so many fun ways to celebrate!  Here are a list of unique reasons to throw a Fabulous event:
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • Self Improvement Month
Just want to celebrate a day?  How about one of these days?
Sept. 2: Blueberry popsicle day - grab your girls and chase down the icecream truck!  Running not your thing?  Then take a field trip with your girls to your favorite ice cream spot.
Sept. 3: Uncle Sam’s Birthday - invite your friends over for a "surprise" birthday party...the surprise is that they have no idea whose birthday it is until they arrive to your red, white, and blue birthday bash
Sept. 4: Newspaper Carrier Day - Give a special gift for that one person that keeps you in touch with all that is going on in the world...and I don't mean turn on the sprinklers :)
Sept. 5: Labor Day -  See our site for some fun ideas to celebrate the end of summer with your friends and family
Sept. 6: Read a book day - Field trip! Seriously, when is the last time you went to the library?  Grab a friend, grab a book, and then spend the day in the park remembering what it was like to be a kid again.
Sept. 7: Neither Rain nor Snow Day - Show winter you are not yet ready for it to arrive!  Host a backyard party where everyone comes dressed in their best summer styles...who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?
Sept. 8: Literacy Day - Who doesn’t love a happy ending?  Invite your friends to bring their favorite childhood book to donate to a local literacy charity and spend the day together bringing some happiness to others.
Sept. 10: T.V. Dinner Day - What a perfect excuse for a Mad Man Party!  Think 50’s - 60's attire and cocktails...and of course, serve up tv dinners and other Fabulous 50's-60's snacks.
Sept. 11: National Grandparents Day - Who says old people don't know how to party?  Think Golden Girls marathon with your favorite girls...and yes, everyone must come dressed up like their favorite Golden Girl.
Sept. 12: National Chocolate Milk Shake Day - You know we love ice cream parties!!!  Have your guests bring their favorite shake ingredients and serve up some tasty treats!
Sept. 13: Scooby Doo’s Birthday - Even Scooby loves a good mystery.  Host a mystery party in his honor.
Sept. 14: First Department Store opens - As if you need a reason to gather your girlfriends and hit the mall...
Sept. 15: Make a Hat Day - Invite your friends to come over in their craziest hat and have  a contest for the best one.  Creativity encouraged!
Sept. 17: National Apple Dumpling Day - An apple a know how the saying goes...but we prefer - an apple martini a day, keeps the Fabulous party going! 
Sept. 18: National Play Doh Day - Who didn’t like playing with play doh growing up? This is a great chance to share your love with the special little ones in your life.  So invite over your little neice and nephew and have competitions for the most outrageous Play Doh creations.
Sept. 19: Talk like a Pirate Day - Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirates party for me!!!
Sept. 21: Mini Golf Day - Create a mini golf course to entertain your guests...think cocktails and caddyshack attire!
Sept. 22: Ice Cream Cone Invented - Another great reason to host an ice cream social!
Sept. 23: First Day of Autumn - Well, fall was bound to get here sooner or later...why not welcome it?  Fast and Fabulous fun: bobbing for apples, apple cider martinis, and pumpkins for decorations.
Sept. 24: First Toy Store Open - oh the possibilities!  Have your guests dress up like their favorite childhood toy (yes, I would be dressing up like Barbie) and serve fun, children's foods (hello tater tots and corndogs!).
Sept. 25: Good Neighbor Day - What a great excuse to invite over your neighbors for some Fabulous fun!
Sept. 26: Beverly Hillbillies premier - Have everyone come dressed in their best hillbilly garb and enjoy a marathon of this classic.  Maybe you might strike oil!
Sept. 27: World Maritime Day - Don't have a boat - all the better!  Have your friends come dressed in their best yuppy country club fashions and toast the day with champagne.
Sept 28: Heart Day - What a great day to show your friends how much you love a dinner party to celebrate each other.
Sept. 30: Cheers premiers - As if we need another excuse to Cheers!  Have a party where everybody knows your name!  Be sure to shout everyone's name as they come through the door :)

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