Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Wonderfully Fabulous Tea Party

Unexpectedly Fabulous Event: Mad Hatter Sweet Tea Vodka Party

Fairytales and bedtime stories aren’t just for kids.  They can provide some Fabulous inspiration for a spontaneous and fun “adult” party.  All you need is a Fabulous little twist to the story…and some vodka.  So look out Mad Hatter, the Unexpectedly Fabulous Hostess is serving tea with a twist!

Rapid Decor:  Print out two quick signs on your computer before leaving work – one that says “Eat Me – to grow bigger” and another that says “Drink Me.” Put them in picture frames.  Pull out one of every cup, saucer, dish, plate, and bowl you have – remember, nothing has to match at the Mad Hatter’s Sweet Tea Vodka Party!

Quick Eats:  It may be a tea party, but this isn’t the place for crumpets and scones.  After all, this is an unexpectedly Fabulous tea party.  Be sure to place your “Eat Me” sign by your tea party snacks.

Create a quick and Fabulous candy bar by filling your mismatched flower vases and candle holders with different colored candies.

Place crackers, pretzels, and other snacks on different platters.  If you are feeling frisky, you can stack three plates, with tea cups in the middle to create a Fabulous and perfectly themed

Cheers!:  Serve your guests up some “adult” tea – sweet tea vodka with lemonade is easy and festive.  Make jello shots the night before if you have time.  Don’t forget to place your “Drink Me” sign by your tea party beverages.

WOW Factor:  Send your guests a “Don’t Be Late for a Very Important Date” evite or invitation.  Ask them to wear their craziest hats to your soirée to add some guest-inspired fun to your Fabulous tea party.  Or have a collection of hats available for guests to choose from.  Think of the Fabulous pictures!

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