Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where Are All My Peeps At???

Unexpectedly Fabulous Event: Celebrate Your Easter Peeps!
Easter is a holiday that is typically spent with family.  But if you are anything like us, then you need time with your friends either before or after to prepare yourself for another family event.  So get into the holiday spirit with some Fabulous spirits and spending time with your Fabulous  Peeps!

Quick Eats:  The great thing about Easter – lots of ready-made festive food options that you can grab, add a Fabulous touch to, and set out to enjoy!

A candy bar is an easy and Fabulous option!  Just grab different types of Easter candy, pour into different serving dishes or containers, and arrange.  Just don’t forget the Peeps! 

Try something Fabulous by making Peeps Pops.  All you need are Peeps and cake pop sticks (or you can even use straws).  So fun and quick!

Rapid Decor:  Let the treats of Easter be your Fabulous and quick décor. Unwrap a chocolate bunny to use as a centerpiece.  Arrange cookies on top of Easter grass.  How can it get any more  Fabulous or easy than that?

Cheers!: Want a Fabulous, festive, and quick way to get to Cheers?  All you need is:

·         Whipped cream flavored vodka
·         Peeps
·         Ice

Pour the vodka over ice in a tumbler cup.  Take a peep and cut a straight line from the bottom of the Peep up to the middle of its body.  Slide the peep on the side of the cup to garnish.  Fabulous!

WOW Factor:  Send your favorite Peeps home with a special gift.  Wrap a ribbon around a box of Peeps and add a quick note that says “You are one of my favorite Peeps!”  What a Fabulous way to have your Peeps remember the fun evening!

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