Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Madness!

Hello Fabulous Hostesses!  Here's to a month of fun and madness!

Did you know that March is:
·         American Red Cross Month
·         Irish-American Heritage Month
·         National Craft Month
·         National Noodle Month
·         National Nutrition Month
·         Woman's History Month

And as if those don't give you enough reasons to throw a Fabulous bash, how about these:
March 1- Peanut Butter Lover's Day: Can you think of the peanut butter food possibilities here?
March 2- Dr. Seuss’s Birthday: How about serving green eggs and ham?
March 4-National Poundcake Day
March 5-Multiple Personalities Day: Host a party to bring out everyone’s crazy side
March 6-Oreo Cookies for Sale On Sale for the first time in 1912: There are lots of recipes out there.  Have a dessert party!
March 7-Telephone Patent In 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell.: call a friend and invite her over for cocktails!
March 8-Mardi Gras: enough said!
March 9-Barbie’s Birthday: It’s all about pink and time with your girls!
March 10-First Paper Money Issued in 1862:Host a dress as your favorite president party!
March 11-First Basketball Game was on March 11, 1892.: Come dressed as you favorite basketball player.  You can also watch the big game that day. Hello - March Madness ladies!
March 12-Girl Scout Day Girl Scouts founded in 1912.: This holiday is best celebrated with boxes and boxes of cookies!
March 13-Daylight Saving Time Begins - clocks move forward one hour on the second Sunday in March so celebrate that loss of time by spending time with friends!
March 14-Potato Chip Day:You know you can’t eat just one.
March 15_Ides of March: What a perfect excuse to have a toga party
March 16- Everything You Do Is Right Day: Who doesn’t like to be right?
March 17-St. Patrick's Day: Green Beer and Leprechauns = fun!
March 18-First Walk in Space In 1965:Invite your guest to come dressed as spacemen and aliens.
March 19-National Quilting Day: An excuse for renting movies and cuddling under the blanket with your special someone.
March 20-Big Bird's Birthday Sesame Street Character: Sunny days and Oscar the grouch.  Invite all your friends to a theme party.
March 21-Single Parents' Day: This is a great excuse for all the single parents to get a baby sitter and enjoy the night.
March 22-National Goof Off Day: Host a goofy party with lots of silly tricks and crazy dressing.
March 23-Toast Day: Host a brunch party.  Have all your friends bring their favorite breakfast item and toast in the day with mimosas!  Cheers!
March 24-Harry Houdini's Birthday Born in 1874: host a magic party - you know that the tricks may not be good but the cocktails with disappear!
March 25-Greek Independence Day: Host a greek dinner.
March 26-Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 27-National "Joe" Day Everyone who hates their name can be called Joe this day.
March 28-Something On a Stick Day: Think of the possibilities for food.
March 29-Coca-Cola was Invented In 1886:  Host a party where everyone creates a coca-cola recipe
March 30-Doctor's Day: For those of you that like to play dr.  Have a doctor dress up day.
March 31-Tater Day: Good day for a potluck where everyone brings a Tater dish.

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